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How to Renew Your Driver’s License Online in Every State

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By Tim Lee

Find out how to avoid the lines and wait times at the DMV when you renew your driver’s license online. States without online processes may offer mail-in service.

Many people may want to avoid the classically long wait times at the DMV for drivers license renewal. Luckily, many states offer a quick and easy online alternative to queueing up at the local DMV office. Here’s a quick list of states that offer the ability for you to renew your driver’s license online.

Renew Your Driver’s License Online in These States


Alabama offers quick and easy license renewal, reprint and duplication services online.


Alaska allows licensed drivers to renew their licensing online for every other renewal period. You can submit a renewal application within one year of your current license expiration.


California licenses are valid for five years, and must be renewed in person after two mail-in or online renewals, or every 10 years. If you haven’t already renewed twice using distance methods, you may be eligible to renew online. Visit the state website to fill out an online application.


If you live in Colorado, you can renew your driver’s license online any time before it expires. You can check your eligibility for online renewal.


Delaware driver licenses are valid for eight years, and online renewal is available to those who did not use online or self-service kiosk renewal for their last license. Visit the state website for more information.

District of Columbia

Providing you meet all health and age restrictions, you can renew your driver’s license online for the District of Columbia as long as you have already completed the REAL ID process, and your license has been expired for less than a year. Visit the DC Department of Motor Vehicles online to renew.


Florida offers quick and easy renewal online for a small convenience fee. Visit the state website for more information and to start your application.

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For noncommercial licenses, Georgia offers online renewal to those who are REAL ID-compliant and with a current license that has been expired for two years or less.


For those seeking a standard renewal with no changes, online license renewal forms are available. REAL ID certification is not available online.


Illinois only offers online renewal to those who have earned a “Safe Driver” status by maintaining a clean driving record for the past four years.


Indiana licenses are valid for up to six years, depending on your age. You may use the online portal to renew your license up to two years prior to its expiration.


For those with a standard renewal who are between the ages of 18-70, online renewal is available for every other issuance. You can renew your driver’s license online up to 180 days before expiration or within one year and 60 days after expiration.


Louisiana offers online renewal for those who do not need to make any changes to the information presented on the face of their ID card.


For applicants with legal proof of residence on file with the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles, online renewal is quick and easy. You can even update your address through the online license renewal form.

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The Maryland MVA mails out renewal notices, which include all eligible renewal methods. The notice states whether online renewal is available. For those over 40, a vision certification must also be provided during online renewal.


For those eligible, Massachusetts offers online renewal, but you should check the status of your license before filling out the online license renewal form.


In Michigan, you must renew your driver’s license every eight years in person, and a license is valid for four years. That means a driver in good standing can renew online once before an in-person visit is required.


As long as you have a valid photo on file with the Mississippi Department of Public Safety and meet any other eligibility criteria, you are likely able to renew your license online.


In Nebraska, you can change your address and renew your driver’s license online once every 10 years.


Nevada offers online renewal and change of address for those that need it. Those eligible will receive a postcard in the mail prior to their license expiration date.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire sends out renewal notices with a Renewal Identification Number for those who are able to renew their driver’s license online. New licenses use the existing photo when issued.

New Jersey

In New Jersey, anyone eligible to renew online must do so. Some eligibility requirements include a current address on file with the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission and a current photo that is no more than four years old.

New Mexico

For those over 18 and under 79, New Mexico offers online commercial and noncommercial driver’s licensing renewal. Some eligibility requirements may apply.

New York

With a vision test report supplied by an approved provider, most New Yorkers can renew online.

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North Carolina

For those with no restrictions other than corrective lenses and who do not need an address change, North Carolina offers online license renewal up to six months before and two years after expiration.

North Dakota

You can renew your driver’s license online in North Dakota every other year, as long as you meet eligibility requirements.


Pennsylvania allows for address changes and online renewals for those who qualify.

Rhode Island

Online renewal is available to noncommercial drivers in Rhode Island who are U.S. citizens and meet all eligibility criteria.

South Carolina

Drivers with fewer than five points and no other restrictions, barring corrective lenses, with a vision exam on file can renew their license online in South Carolina.

South Dakota

Once every 10 years, South Dakota drivers can renew their noncommercial licenses online.


Those with a current photo on file with the Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security can usually renew online. Check the renewal notice for eligibility.


Texas drivers can renew online every other time they renew their license. Age limitations may apply.

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Verified drivers who can renew their Utah license online will receive a notice in the mail with a PIN and instructions.


Vermont allows online renewal with and without the use of a mailed PIN. Drivers can also use SSN or the DD number found on the bottom of the current license during the renewal application.


Mailed renewal notices indicate whether online renewal is an option for Virginia drivers.


Drivers that meet eligibility criteria can renew online in Washington. Licenses are typically valid for a period of 2-6 years.

West Virginia

The West Virginia online renewal application includes an automated check to ensure applicants are eligible.

States Without Online Driver’s License Renewal

Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Wisconsin, and Wyoming do not offer online license renewals.

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